Aims and Objectives

The scope of this Unit is multidimensional, addressing the psychological and legal facets of hate crime and speech in addition to educating the public and raising awareness on the increasingly prominent phenomenon of such crime. 

Aims and objectives of the Hate Crime and Speech Unit: 
  • Receiving, assessing and referring clients as necessary
  • Listening and empathising with clients and ensuring that their experiences are acknowledged
  • Working with other agencies in accordance with the client’s best interests, needs and goals​
  • Working with clients who have been affected due to witnessing a crime or witnessing a victim’s trauma​
  • Offering free legal support by the unit's lawyer to victims of hate crime and/or hate speech who wish to forward their case to the Police and/or prosecute the alleged offender by issuing a 'Kwerela' (Official Complaint)​
  • Compiling statistics on local cases of hate crime and hate speech 
  • Conducting research on hate crime and speech whilst keeping up to date with the local scenario regarding relevant news and occurrences on the subject
  • Educating the general public as well as providing training about the effects of the hate crime and speech and how to prevent it
  • Working towards the development of positive attitudes, towards a more inclusive society, diminishing hate and promoting equal opportunities amongst all members of society


Hate Crime and Speech Unit,
15, 1st Floor, City Gate Buildings,
Ordnance Street,
Valletta. VLT 1020